Upon cross-examination, Kenaya perjured himself.




Now, you stated that for the previous year Mr. Locket had come into your store three, four times a day, is that correct?

Yes, he has.


And purchased things, is that correct?

Yes, he has.


What kinds of things did he normally purchase there?

Cigarettes, alcohol, pop, chips.



Okay. And did he use food stamps or his bridge card?

No, he didn’t, ma’am, neither.



Not ever?



Do you take bridge cards there?

No, we don’t.


You don’t have one of those machines, or——


No, we don’t.


Now, when he came in that day, you’re saying that he was asking for money?

Yes, he was.


And he, he wasn’t discussing a bridge card with you?

No, he wasn’t.


Now, had you ever told him no before?

I told him no a couple of times, yes I have.


And those other times, what did he do?

He just simply left. I told him I didn’t have no money for him, and he left. I didn’t want to make a habit of giving——you know, he said he was, he needed some help, so, you know, I give him ten, fifteen dollars, and he always paid me back.


Now, on this day, did he believe that there was an issue with a bridge card with you? Did he mention it at all with you?

No, he did not.


Now, did Mr. Lockett at any time ask you to call the police?

Yeah, he had told me——I had told him, “I’m calling the police”, and he said, “Go ahead, call the police.”


Did he actually ask you to call the police?

No, he did not.


Did he, he tell you that he, he wanted to talk to the police?

No he did not.


When the police came, you say they asked him to leave, as well?

Yeah, they positioned themselves and they just asked the gentleman to, you know.


And what else did Mr. Lockett say besides, “No, I don’t want to leave”; isn’t it true that he, he tried to explain that he had an issue with——

 No, he didn’t.


——some twenty dollars.

No, he didn’t.


You did not hear him say that to the police?

Well, the detective asked me what was this about, and I said he wanted to borrow twenty dollars.


…….did you overhear what Mr. Lockett said to the police?

 No, I did not.


MS. KELLY: I have no further questions……

The jury never had the opportunity to see the electronic transaction activity that this Court is about to see below:                             

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